Renee’s Success Story

“After my most recent temporary assignment ended the staffing agency I had gone through didn’t have another assignment for me. I had applied to a lot of different positions, but nothing was happening. In February, I attended one of Tracy Reid-Rowe’s Professional Placement Networking sessions. The guest speaker was Linda Simpson of Ad-Vance Talent Solutions, whose company had recently secured an agreement with Pasco County to fulfill their temporary staffing needs. I gave her my resume, and we discussed my skills and interests. Earlier this week, I got a call from Linda, asking if I was interested in a temporary receptionist position at the Parks and Recreation Department. I agreed to interview with them. Things went so well that Linda called me when I was on my way home from the interview and said they wanted me to start on Monday! Linda followed-up with the on-boarding paperwork very quickly so I can look forward to earning a paycheck immediately! I would never have heard of Ad-Vance nor met Linda if it had not been for Tracy and the Professional Placement Network meeting. I would encourage anyone to make use of this valuable networking resource!”

– Renee Groening


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