Are You Job Ready?

Practice Makes Perfect!
When is the last time you sat down to truly validate your future career goal and answered a few serious questions?

1. Can you state your short-term and long-term career goals?
2. Can you answer the interview question, “What is your greatest weakness?”
3. Do you have a checklist of topics that will assist in keeping you totally organized during your job search hunt?
4. Do you have a portfolio that includes letters of recommendations from former supervisors?
5. Are all of your transcripts or diplomas readily available should you need to prove education?

There are dozens of supportive articles on the internet that identify how you can become “Job Ready.” For those who have been striving to secure that elusive “best job ever”, what is your approach?

Many unemployed workers are frustrated because the process to gain employment today is so very different from just a few years ago. More technology and less face-to-face interaction, provide less opportunities to sell individual experiences and high level skills, AND each individual personality.

So take the steps to read, analyze, organize, and plan. Start at the start, plan to the end for the prize job of your dreams.

To enhance your opportunity, a checklist is included to support organizing your discovery and analysis.

Click to access jobreadychecklist.pdf

Good Luck…..Your Job Is Waiting For You!

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